A boy lay on his bed in the nighttime darkness and heard terrified screams issuing from another room. His stepfather was in the agonies of death, a death drawing more of its terror from apprehension than from pain. Alienated from God, this man was imagining the things to be feared beyond his own grave. From then on the boy was taken with a fascination and curiosity about the state of the dead, the condition of departed spirits.

Growing to manhood, Ben Alexander became deeply involved with the spiritualist movement inhis native England, having found Judaism unsatisfying.

Ben's involvement in Spiritualism became more and more profound, until he was fully practicingas a trance medium, believing that he was contacting the dead for beneficial purposes.

In 1964 he came to the United States to "stir up" Spiritualist activity here, but God used his coming for a totally different end. Ben was led to the Gospel of Christ!

A man with Ben Alexander's unusual background could not have chosen a more timely season than the present to come into the Lord's service. With interest in witchcraft, astrology, and other occult aberrations growing among American youth, God needs a spokesman to proclaim His will on these issues boldly and knowledgeably. This is a role that Ben has consented to fill in spite of the physical hardship it imposes upon him. The work is physically taxing and the travel seemingly incessant, but the rewards are in knowing that you are in submission to God's Will and doing the work that he has designed.